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My ‘How to Beard’ guide is a simple, light-hearted reference document for you to download and keep.

It contains tips and advice which would be deemed the general rule of thumb but every beard is different, with different needs, so if you seek further advice you can easily get in touch with me with any questions you may have about beard maintenance, beard products and essential oils for men.

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I’ll be honest, I’m not a serial blogger. I have a lot to say and tend to say it spontaneously across social media. Being a creative, my mind is awash with ideas, thoughts, plans and things that generally keep me awake at night. So my posts will be sporadic at best but I hope to ensure that the content is informative and useful to all my readers.

About my readers.

It’s safe to say this blog will be centred around the world of beards.

Since growing a beard and launching my own brand of beard products, I have found a whole new underground world of beard culture. There are beard clubs worldwide; bearded vaping groups and social media is saturated with beard loving pogonophiles both male and female. “Beards & Boobies” is a social media account on Instagram that celebrates the beard loving women of the world and for obvious reasons, is very popular.

I have to admit I was completely unaware of this world until I delved into it.

A pogonophile is defined as one who loves or is simply attracted to ‘Beards’



Beards have been dismissed as a fashion “fad” by multiple media outlets but fads don’t tend to last this long as far as I’m concerned. Beards have always been around of course, and the increase in popularity of the beard among the limelight loving celebs has been a factor in their growing popularity in recent times but I’ve realised that whether they’re fashionable in popular culture or not, this underground world of facial hair is here to stay.



My small business exists purely by accident.

beard balm, beard oil, beard care

My Dad had a beard for years. A trim, tidy beard. I thought the day he shaved his off was the day they were no longer fashionable. I never intended on growing a beard. Throughout my 20’s and most of my 30’s the idea of itchy facial hair never appealed to me, I was never a fan of the idea and always thought I’d look like a pleb. (some may argue I do anyway)

Then, one day, my blade was too blunt to use. I let my stubble grow longer than I ever had before. I was lazy.

(FYI lazy = ill)

A couple of weeks passed. It felt itchy and annoying around my neck, but I was too “lazy” to go and buy a new blade. One day, whilst browsing the doTerra catalogue for some essential oils to help with some muscle pain, I accidentally came across their blog with a section on something they called “Beard Oil” – WTF?! Beard Oil? What ever will they think of next!

I was intrigued to say the least.

So what is doTerra? You ask.

My wife is a holistic therapist and she joined a company called doTerra a few years back. They are arguably the biggest, most reputable supplier of high-grade essential oils in the USA and have members worldwide.

My wife had started to build up a supply of their therapeutic grade oils for use in her business and for personal use. I’d already experienced Lavender oil to help with sleep, Wild Orange oil to help with stress and anxiety and a few others that offer a variety of health benefits.

So I had a read of this intriguing beard themed blog post on how to make beard oil at home using their own recommended blend of ingredients.

It consisted of a carrier oil and 3 other essential oils.

  • Fractionated Coconut (Carrier Oil)
  • Wild Orange
  • Lavender
  • Melaleuca (aka Tea Tree)

Seemed simple enough. We had all these oils already. We had fractionated coconut as we used it to dilute the essential oils we used on each other when we had a massage. Perfect.

_DSC0108 - Version 2 - Version 2_1

So off I went to the kitchen, blended the ingredients, put it into a spare pipette bottle we had. I gave it a shake, popped off for a shower and looked forward to trying my very first “beard oil” – how hip was I!


3 weeks later, I had become a bearded Adonis! (I jest) I loved my beard, it was soft, smelt great, the itching had stopped and it looked great. Even my wife, who only ever liked a bit of stubble, liked my beard. I was reborn…….and….

Beardelicious was born.

I often have new ideas for ventures. Being self-employed and of a creative mind, I like to try my hand at new things as well. I had been working as a freelance designer for a while, something I thoroughly enjoy but I wanted a new challenge too. So following much research and planning I decided to use my own skills in branding and my new-found interest in beard grooming products to focus on creating high quality oils to help promote facial hair, skin and inner wellbeing.

I launched Beardelicious on Etsy.com in late 2015 and I have been slowly growing my collection whilst learning more about Etsy as an online marketplace. Perhaps un-surprisingly, the majority of my customers have hailed from the good old US of A – they love their beards there but I feel this underground beard loving community is swelling. The market is actually saturated with a large variety of beard product brands on Etsy alone. Barbers more often now offer beard trims and sell their own chosen brands of beard grooming products. The competition is rife but it is fun.

I’m not in this business to become a millionaire. It is a hobby – though one I take seriously. I do my research. I strive to make my blends unique with the focus on how the oils not only help your beard but how they can benefit your inner wellbeing too.

In conclusion, this blog will contain information on the many oils I use, with tips on beard maintenance, tricks of the trade and  some other fun, beard related articles thrown in too.

Welcome to my Beardelicious blog. Please feel free to leave a comment or question and I will endeavour to reply to you personally.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’re still awake.

blending beard oils and balms in my kitchen, it’s rather therapeutic